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Tips for cleaning and maintaining your exterior stone


Stone can be an excellent exterior material for a professional office building or a residential structure. If your building is in the middle of the city, a stone exterior or facade can help separate it from all of the steel and glass structures nearby. In more suburban business parks, stone can be a nice touch to help your building complement its natural surroundings better.

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Is it time to high dust?

Dust isn't just a problem in your home. This common substance is also present in commercial and professional buildings, and can represent real risks to tenants and anyone who uses the building. Dust is made from a number of degrading materials or organisms, all of which can negatively impact the air quality and sometimes lead to health problems. As the Consumer Product Safety Commission explained along with the American Lung Association, one component of dust, biological pollutants, can hurt your tenants' businesses and their employees' health. 

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Maintain your building's exterior metal


Exterior metal comes in a variety of styles and chemical compositions. But no matter if you’re using stainless steel, anodized aluminum or other metals, they all need a little care and preventative maintenance.

“Architectural metal can be damaged by sunlight, rain and pollution.”

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