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What should you do when your facade fails?

Your facade is the face of your building. It should enhance the look of the rest of your structure, welcome tenants and impress passersby. In addition to improving the appearance, some facades are load-bearing and are critical to the structural integrity of your building. 

But whether your building's facade is purely decoration or important to keeping your building standing up straight, any damage to the facade can spell serious trouble. As New York residential building publication The Cooperator explained, facade damage is dangerous and can lead to plummeting building value. 

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7 tips for avoiding major repairs

One of the smartest ways to cut costs as a building manager is to prevent repairs in the first place. Not only are repairs and renovations expensive for the building owner, they can inconvenience tenants and take away from the structure's aesthetics. 

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What is your building envelope and how can you improve it?

The term "building envelope" gets thrown around frequently when discussing energy usage and building security. Although it's become a common term, many people don't know exactly what it encompasses. 

However, the building envelope is an increasing important aspect of any commercial or residential building. As the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions noted, commercial and residential buildings such as offices and apartments make up about 40 percent of the energy usage in the U.S. Within this energy consumption, heating and cooling make up the largest portion, especially in residential structures. 

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