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Should you repair or replace your building's windows?

Windows are a critical part of the look, feel and structure of your office, commercial or residential building. However, over time, any building will experience damage to its windows or frames. Whether through wear and tear or because of an accident this window damage needs to be addressed swiftly and thoroughly.

The problem that most facilities managers in this situation are faced with is whether they should repair or replace the windows. Here are few factors to consider before choosing to how to fix your windows and frames. 

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How the summer sun could impact your building

During a sunny day in September 2013, Martin Lindsay's Jaguar XJ was partially melted by a building. According to Popular Science magazine, the sunlight was concentrated and reflected from the nearby "Walkie Talkie" building that was being constructed nearby. The 37-story mirrored glass structure had a strong curve that focused the sun's light on this one "hot spot." 

While this structure wasn't completed or inhabited by tenants yet, this story should be a warning sign to building and property managers. The building ended up paying the repair costs for fixing the melted components of the Jaguar. Sunlight can seriously impact the interior of your building, the exterior and the area around the structure. Make sure you know what to expect this summer when the sun shines all day. 

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The importance of facade sealing and cleaning

The facade is the face of your building. It's one of the only aspects of your structure that isn't designed for function – it's purely there to enhance the look and appeal of your building. However, when left alone, the facade can quickly fall into disrepair. 

Facade dangers
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