Boutique hotel building maintenance

Boutique hotels go above and beyond traditional and chain hospitality establishments in terms of customer service. They provide luxury amenities, are often independent and located in central areas of bustling global cities. Boutique hotels also offer a more authentic cultural experience than their chain counterparts.

However, just because boutique hotels are currently a popular option with travelers, that doesn’t mean that you and your fellow management staff should become complacent. In this sector of the hospitality industry is rife with competition, and you should keep brand differentiation in mind at all times.

That work starts with the exterior your building. Appearance matters, and if your boutique hotel is falling behind in terms of maintenance, it could mean disaster for your bottom line. Here’s why.

The power of social media and online marketing
Nowadays, social media integrates with virtually every aspect of our lives, and it can have a huge impact on travelers’ opinions of businesses and establishments.

According to Statista, up to 70 percent of U.S. adults now have at least one social media page, so it’s no surprise that companies across all industries are using platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to reach out to their customers and promote their unique brand. Social media and online marketing strategies have become key to ensuring successful brand differentiation.

“70% of U.S. adults have at least one social media page.”

The flip side of social media, especially in the hospitality industry, is that customers can post reviews of your boutique hotel and air any grievances or voice any complaints. Travelers who are unhappy with the the cleanliness and appearance of your establishment can discuss those issues on your hotel’s social pages or on review sites, such as Yelp and TripAdvisor, which are widely viewed.

Make your boutique hotel stand out with professional window cleaning.Make your boutique hotel stand out with professional window cleaning.

Building maintenance is key
Consequently, in the age of online reviews and social media, the key to brand differentiation for your boutique hotel is to ensure that your building maintenance efforts are up to date. If your establishment’s exterior and interior are clean and presentable, you’ll no doubt notice an increase in positive reviews. Call in a professional building maintenance company, such as Clean & Polish Building Solutions Inc., to implement the following maintenance strategies:

  • Parking lot cleaning: One component of boosting the curb appeal of your property is making sure that the parking lot is clean and presentable. Hire a professional building maintenance company to power wash your parking lot’s surfaces. Sophisticated equipment can remove stubborn dirt, oil and grease.
  • Chemical cleaning: Chemical cleaning is an ideal solution if your hotel has a brick or precast exterior. The chemicals can be used to improve the quality and appearance of masonry. Always consult a professional service such as Clean & Polish for this kind of work, as it can be dangerous if handled improperly.
  • Window cleaning: Dirty windows are a surefire way to reduce curb appeal and turn off customers. Enlist professionals to clean your windows glass properly, using the latest high-quality equipment.
  • Metal maintenance: Many times your doors, elevators and metal accents stand out to guests if they are rusted or smeared – leaving a negative impression. Make sure your investments shines with a regular metal maintenance program.

If your boutique hotel is based in the Mid-Atlantic, call Clean & Polish Building Solutions Inc. to help with your hotel maintenance needs. In business for over three decades, Clean & Polish is comprised of a team of qualified, dedicated to bringing your boutique hotel the very best building maintenance services.

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