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Clean & Polish Building Solutions is dedicated to the safety of its skilled technicians and the public. We are committed to the adherence of the OSHA Regulations and all ANSI and ASTM A-120 and the ANSI Z-359 Safety Standards. Our staff is highly trained and certified in safety, compliance and risk management. We assist customers with safety compliance and addressing the OSHA/ANSI key issues

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Safety Manual & Log Book

Safety Compliance & Risk Management Program


Clean & Polish Building Solutions is dedicated to the safety of its skilled technicians and the public. Likewise, we are committed to the adherence of the OSHA Regulations and all ANSI and ASTM A-120 and the ANSI Z-359 Safety Standards. We devote ourselves to assist our customers from start-to-finish with the OSHA codes of compliance and the OSHA/ANSI key issues. We will:

  1. Start with the analysis of your roof anchor system by a competent inspector or structural engineer.
  2. Gather estimates, on your behalf, for having new anchors installed, where needed.
  3. Coordinate the installation of your new roof anchor system, if needed.
  4. Schedule and coordinate your initial, annual visual and 10 year certifications of your roof anchor system(s), if requested.
  5. Provide you with all the relevant OSHA documentation, as required by law.
  6. Provide you will all Clean & Polish Building Solutions documentation including the Safety Operation Plan (SOP) for your building(s), when requested.

OSHA & Speciality Training

Clean & Polish Building Solutions' commitment to safety & risk management is noteworthy. Even as a business with over thirty plus (30+) years in the industry, our company has never been formally issued a citation nor a penalty fine from OSHA. We credit this due to our emphasis on not only promoting safety and compliance but with continuous education and follow-up on the work performed by the technicians in the field. Our commitment is credentialed:

  • Fifteen (15) Supervisors/Managers of our team have attended and received OSHA 10 Certificates. 
  • Over the years, dozens of our Field and Management Team have attended IWCA Safety Training Seminars in College Park, MD, Atlanta, GA, Boston, MD, Chicago, IL, Secaucus, NJ, Scottsdale, AZ and Orlando, FL.
  • Our staff have attended specialty vendor training seminars locally and regionally on topics such as:
    • General Overall Fall Protection Safety
    • Aerial Boom Lifts
    • Transportable Power Platform Systems
    • Permeant Power Platform Systems
    • Rope Descent Systems (RDS)
    • Rope Access Systems
    • Fall Arrest & Fall Restraint Systems
    • Fall Protection Equipment Usage
  • Five (5) Management Team members have completed Fall Protection Competent Person Training as per OSHA.
  • We have the most Building Access Safety Professionals (BASP) in the Mid-Atlantic Region. This designation was originally known as Certified Building Maintenance & Safety Executive (CBMSE). In addition, our President is also recognized as an “OSHA Authorized General Industry Trainer” and believed to be the only one in our industry that has obtained these credentials in the country.
  • We are one of the few companies in our industry to have SPRAT (Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians) certified technicians. Including level III certified, the highest level in the SPRAT system.

OSHA/ANSI: Key Issues

Clean & Polish Building Solutions offers to provide the following information to address the key issues relating to OSHA Requirements and ANSI Safety Standards.

Ensure Fall Protection

Anyone working in areas where they may be exposed to a fall from a height of 4‘ feet or more needs to be protected by one or more of the following: a warning line or barricade a minimum of 6 feet from the hazardous edge, a guardrail or parapet wall that is a minimum of 42“ inches tall or be connected to an anchorage point. This is important not only for window cleaners, but other trade technicians will benefit as well.

Provide Written Assurance

Your contractor needs to know that anchoring points or any permanent equipment at your facility has initially been verified to be structurally sound by a licensed professional engineer. This initial verification can last up to ten years, but remember that in addition, these areas will need to be visually inspected annually by a competent person.

If your building has a permanent suspended platform, it needs to be inspected before and after each use and properly maintained.

Request a Written Work Plan

Clean & Polish Building Solutions, provides you with a written plan when requested, that will identify hazardous areas and means to overcome them. The plan could identify anchor points (based on your assurance documents) as well as noting that safety barricades will be put into place where needed to protect the general public.

Our plan may also indicate other hazardous areas where additional means may be needed to resolve unsafe conditions, like working on an unleveled surface or near sources of electricity.

Our plan needs to include procedures that would be used in case of an emergency.

Request Documents

You should know that your contractor has adequate insurance coverage and that their techniques and equipment meets all applicable Federal, State and Local regulations. Clean & Polish Building Solutions in this case, provides our customers an $11,000,000 of Property and Liability Coverage.

Verify Trained Workers

Clean & Polish Building Solutions, as a contractor, has well-trained technicians. Our average Technician has over 10 years‘ experience working on our customers buildings. The Crew Supervisors and Managers have an average 15 years of experience working with our company.

Minimum Requirements for Suspended Work and Fall Protection

OSHA regulations and ANSI standards require suitable fall protection and suspended maintenance equipment on all buildings. Listed below are just a few of the specifics addressed within these standards. Complying with these standards will reduce the liability and risks to the building owners, property management and the service companies working on their properties.

  • OSHA Regulations require independent suspension line and safety line anchorages as a minimum wherever building facades must be maintained.
  • OSHA Regulations also require the maintenance contractor to tie back any portable suspension equipment that they might bring to the roof.
  • OSHA Regulations require anchorages to be capable of supporting 5000 pounds ultimate load.
  • OSHA Regulations require fall protection or suitable anchorages any place workers are exposed to fall hazards of 4 feet or more. Parapets of less than 42 inches in height require fall protection.
  • Anchor spacing should not exceed 12 feet.

Additional Information Sources

If you have any further questions concerning OSHA and ANSI issues, please contact us at Clean & Polish Building Solutions or visit one or all of the following websites:

International Window Cleaning Association

Occupational Safety and Health Administration

American National Standards Institute

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