Bird & Spider Control Systems

Clean & Polish is one of the leaders in the industry in providing services for bird and spider control. We will assess your needs and recommend the best solution. We have a vested interest in providing a proven, environmentally conscious and cost-effective solution. We have been providing effective bird and spider control systems for customers throughout Maryland, Virginia, Metropolitan Washington DC, Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey for decades.

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Bird Control

Our bird deterrents are effective, humane and environmentally safe. We will start with an assessment of your problem and develop an effective system for long-term control. Whether it is flex-tracks, netting, spikes, coils, slides, or bird wire, Clean & Polish technicians have been thoroughly trained on the proper installation and maintenance of your bird deterrent system.

Spider Control

Clean & Polish is an industry leader in providing services for spider web removal. Our professional technicians utilize a patented formulated product to eliminate, clean and inhibit the reformation of cobwebs. The ingredients in the product we use are 100% natural and FDA/USDA (under 21CFR Part 182.1 to 182.20) approved. The product is exempt from the EPA for use around waterways. It is also non-toxic and contains an all-natural protein-digesting enzyme that quickly dissolves web protein attachment sites and their stains on any surface. Regardless of cleanliness or cleaning scheduling, cobwebs can accumulate overnight in almost any exterior or interior facility. The product we utilize for this process is authorized for use in the food processing facilities, restaurants and other associated areas.

Clean. Restore. Repair.

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