Façade Maintenance & Restoration

One of the easiest ways to help maintain a building’s façade is to keep wind, rain and insects from infiltrating the building. Sealing, caulking, and repointing your brick are ways in which you can maintain the appearance and structural integrity of your building’s façade. Let us assess your needs and we will personalize a safety and operation plan specific to your building requirements. 

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Caulking achieves this goal by keeping joints sealed. These joints must be sealed tightly enough to shut out the elements, but remain flexible enough to expand and contract as the building does throughout the day. Sealing your masonry façade will retard water from penetrating into the building and causing damage to the substrate that can go undetected until major repairs are necessary. Repointing your masonry not only waterproofs your façade and assures structural integrity, it also increases the value and appearance of your property. Also, façade maintenance that is completed professionally and carefully will ensure that a building makes efficient use of energy saving on operating energy costs all year.

Clean & Polish Building Solutions’ restoration division CPI Restoration has been providing maintenance and restoration to commercial properties throughout Maryland, Virginia, Metropolitan Washington DC, Delaware, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey for over three decades.

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