Pressure Washing / Chemical Cleaning

Not all pressure washing and/or chemical cleaning is created equal. Clean & Polish Building Solutions has been performing pressure washing services in Maryland, Virginia, Metropolitan Washington DC, Delaware, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey for over three decades. Let us assess your needs and we will personalize a safety and operation plan specific to your building requirements. 

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Each pressure washing job requires expertise with regard to the machine type used, water temperature, and detergent (if any.) Clean & Polish's experts are trained to analyze cleaning problems and then to match the power of our washers precisely to your cleaning needs while recommending the right, biodegradable detergent to give you the best and safest cleaning.

We pressure wash building facades, garages, loading docks, trash dumpster pads, retaining and privacy walls, signage, warehouse floors, sidewalks and pavers. Our pressure washing services remove graffiti, rust, alga, mold and mildew, lime deposits, environmental and construction debris, oil, grease, and chewing gum.



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