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How can pollen affect your building?

If you found yourself sniffling and sneezing through the spring in 2014, this year may not be too different. AccuWeather reported that 2015 will look a lot like 2014 when it comes to spring allergies. 

Like last year, 2015 will have delayed tree pollen release in much of the Northeast because of the rough winter. This doesn't mean that there's more pollen than normal, but it can last longer than normal. Peak allergies around the Virginia, Maryland and Delaware area hit in the early to middle of May. In New Jersey, New York and New England, peak allergies are expected in early June. 

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Make your building more energy efficient


As a building or facility manager, you may not only be interested in going green for environmental reasons, but also to save money for your building owner and its tenants. Here are a few steps you may want to take to improve your building’s energy efficiency.
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How does pressure washing work?

Whether you're having the gum removed from the sidewalk in front of your building or cleaning up grime on your stone facade, power washing is an important part of regular building upkeep. While you may know the basics of this process, understanding how a pressure washer actually functions will give you better insight to how your building solutions company can keep your exterior clean. 

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