Maintain your building's exterior metal


Exterior metal comes in a variety of styles and chemical compositions. But no matter if you’re using stainless steel, anodized aluminum or other metals, they all need a little care and preventative maintenance.

“Architectural metal can be damaged by sunlight, rain and pollution.”

If these surfaces are left alone they’re bound to become damaged. Ultraviolet light from the sun, pollution in the air, rain, snowstorms and other natural forces can wear away at these metal surfaces over time. Damage can manifest as stains, streaks, oxidation, pitting, discoloration, change in sheen or erosion.

As the metal is initially damaged, it leaves itself vulnerable to further damage. For example, when a small amount of rust occurs, if left untreated, it can quickly erode and get worse.

Protect your building from damage.Protect your building from damage.

Prevent damage 
This exterior damage isn’t simply unsightly, it can be costly as well. Depending on how serious the damage is, it may call for painting of the metal surfaces or more in-depth structural repairs. Either way, repairs cost significantly more than maintaining the metal and preventing damage in the first place.

If you notice the beginning of staining or oxidation on your metal surfaces, or if you want to nip the problem in the bud, talk to Clean and Polish Building Solutions. They will start off by cleaning the affected surfaces with the most effective solutions called for based off the surface. Additionally, Clean and Polish can find alternatives to chemicals for ENERGY STAR or LEED-certified buildings.

After Clean and Polish cleans the metal, they can can help restore it to its former glory with refinishing. The final step is sealing the architectural metal so that it has an added layer of defense against water, sunlight and air. Once the protective coating is applied, your building will be good as new and safe from expensive damage. Clean and Polish can come back for regular cleaning to keep your structure looking attractive.

When a building looks its best, you’re protecting the value of the structure and increasing its attractiveness to current and future tenants. Everyone from visitors to the owner appreciate when a building looks clean and new.

Most people may not notice metal when it’s clean and pristine, but they’re sure to notice this material when it’s dirty, stained or wearing away. In order to protect your building from damage and keep it looking as good as possible, you need to first maintain your exterior metal surfaces.