Is it time to high dust?

Dust isn't just a problem in your home. This common substance is also present in commercial and professional buildings, and can represent real risks to tenants and anyone who uses the building. Dust is made from a number of degrading materials or organisms, all of which can negatively impact the air quality and sometimes lead to health problems. As the Consumer Product Safety Commission explained along with the American Lung Association, one component of dust, biological pollutants, can hurt your tenants' businesses and their employees' health. 

"Biological pollutants are or were living organisms," the CPSC and ALA noted. "They promote poor indoor air quality and may be a major cause of days lost from work or school, and of doctor and hospital visits." 

Dust can also contain bits of degraded chemicals or building materials from the inside of your structure. These materials are potentially hazardous to people in the building if inhaled, and hurt the air quality. Poor air quality can be a significant cause of breathing issues in the work place and elsewhere. 

Dust can present serious danger to  building occupants. Keep dust at bay in every nook and cranny.

What is high dusting? 
While the regular cleaning of most apartments, offices and other buildings gets rid of dust, dirt and grime in commonly used spaces, it can leave hard-to-reach areas alone. Although people are unlikely to come in contact with or even see these high areas, the dust and grime on these surfaces can still contribute to negative air quality. 

High dusting is the process of cleaning areas such as ceilings, architectural ledges, high windows, the walls of stairways, skylights, pipes, ducts, rafters or generally anything higher than about 15 feet. Professional cleaners like Clean and Polish Building Solutions have the tools and the know-how to effectively and efficiently clean these difficult spaces. They use hydraulic lifts, ladders or platforms to get to these areas and thoroughly clean them. 

High dusting is especially effective after new construction or moving, when more dust than usual may get kicked up. However, it should be done regularly. This type of cleaning can also make your building look much better and give your tenants a cleaner space from floor to ceiling. 

"Investing high cleaning is an investment in better air and a cleaner building overall."

Why is high dusting important? 
High dusting is important because the dust in these areas can impact your air quality whether or not you can see it. If your building neglects high cleaning, dust and other pollutants will build up behind your heating ducts, on the skylight and atop ledges, where it can still infect the air and endanger others. Investing high cleaning is an investment in better air and a cleaner building overall. 

Other tips for better air quality 
Good air quality comes down to more than just dusting, and as a building manager it's important to know where you have room for improvement.

As the American Lung Association recommended, focus on maintaining quality ventilation, heating, cooling and filtration systems. Also, be cautious of moisture or leaks that could lead to mold. Be smart about garbage storage, chemical spills and any smoke or exhaust. 

Discuss cleaning solutions for your business today 
If high cleaning is done poorly it can make the situation worse. You don't want to air blow or sweep the dust away, you need an experienced team who will vacuum and remove the dust completely. Otherwise, you're just making the air quality worse. Use Clean and Polish Building Solutions for safe and professional high dusting. Discuss cleaning at non-peak hours to avoid disruption.