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6 reasons to schedule window cleanings today


With hundreds of responsibilities, a building manager may not always be thinking about the appearance of his or her building’s windows. However, everybody who walks past or goes inside is sure to spot dirty glass and streaked windows. Uncleaned windows stick out  in a city skyline of office park to everybody from a casual observer to the building’s owner.

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The risks of waterproof coating on your building


Keeping water outside of your building is a critical part of any building or property manager’s job. If water leaks through your walls or windows it can quickly lead to water damage or mold. These dangers can then create expensive repairs, mold or mildew, and tenant discomfort.

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Does your trash chute need to be cleaned?


Whether you manage a commercial, apartment or condominium building, there are likely dozens of aspects you’re more concerned about than the trash chute. This convenient tube makes it simple for residents or tenants to get rid of their garbage without having to lug it downstairs. And, unless something gets stuck, the chute operates on its own so you can focus your care on providing a clean, safe and beautiful building to your tenants and residents.

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