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Window film can make it easier to earn LEED certification.


Whether the building you manage has two windows or 200, adding a specialized film to each can offer multiple benefits to your facility, from energy savings to tenant satisfaction. These window films are also easy to maintain and clean, which makes them an ideal option for a facility manager looking to reap the benefits without investing in ongoing higher costs. Read more »

Is now the time to install snow guards?


Snow may not be top of mind when the weather’s warm, but spring, summer and autumn are all fantastic times to consider installing snow guards on commercial buildings. Not only does warm-weather installation mean your building is properly safeguarded against dangerous snow slides well before the first snowflakes appear, but the installation will be a breeze when roofs are clear of ice and snow. Read more »

Co-ops, condos, apartments - Who cleans what?


In many major cities around the U.S. there are a number of different housing arrangements. Within a single block of buildings, you may have apartments, condominiums and co-op housing all next to one another. If you manage, live in or are a member of the managing board one of these buildings it’s critical to know what your responsibilities are and where the tenants need to take over.

Explore the differences between each of these housing situations and how each affects daily cleaning and scheduled maintenance.
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