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2 fall maintenance musts for the season

A few final lingering warm days aside, fall is well and truly upon us, and winter is coming sooner than many would like to admit. While this is great news for pumpkin-spice enthusiasts and winter sports fans, for building managers the changing seasons have their own implications in the form of maintenance operations.

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Stone is a stunning building material, when it's kept clean.

Brick and stone buildings are known for their striking exteriors that can look beautiful for centuries. Yet masonry is also vulnerable to discoloration and staining, particularly if it’s ignored or if it doesn’t receive the proper upkeep and maintenance. Everything from outdoor furniture to environmental pollutants to weather conditions can cause unsighlty color changes on the exteror’s surface. For many types of stains, the longer it sits on the stone or brick untreated the more difficult it can be to remove. Facility managers should incorporate routine visual inspections of the building’s exterior into their maintenance schedules in order to ensure that discoloration is swiftly addressed.

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Tuckpointing can restore the beauty and structural strength of your facility.

Facilities made of brick and stone are particularly attractive for building owners because they require relatively little maintenance. In fact, brick facades can last hundreds of years without requiring major repairs. But building managers should keep in mind that even the sturdiest brick structure will require upkeep from time to time.

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