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Want to improve your energy efficiency? Look to your building exterior,Want to improve your energy efficiency? Look to your building exterior

With winter in full swing, all of a sudden energy efficiency is jumping to the top of the list of major concerns for facility managers and building administrators. Few aspects of a building’s operation cost as much as power consumption, and if you aren’t proactive, you’re likely to find yourself facing some enormous utility bills.

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Don't ignore the energy- and cost-savings of window film

As temperatures continue to drop, many facility managers and building administrators are expecting energy costs to rise. Fall and winter are known throughout the industry for being particularly heavy on operational expenses thanks in large part to increased use of heating and the HVAC system.

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What is efflorescence, and how can you get rid of it?

There are few things more frustrating than spending time, money and effort keeping your building in good shape, only to show up one day and find that your work has been undone. If you’re a facility manager and you notice an unsightly white residue forming on your windows and building exterior, it can feel like your maintenance and custodial efforts are being undermined right under your nose.

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