6 reasons to schedule window cleanings today


With hundreds of responsibilities, a building manager may not always be thinking about the appearance of his or her building’s windows. However, everybody who walks past or goes inside is sure to spot dirty glass and streaked windows. Uncleaned windows stick out  in a city skyline of office park to everybody from a casual observer to the building’s owner.

Whether or not your building is caked with dirt at this very moment, it’s still a smart idea to think about window cleaning. Check out these six reasons why you need to schedule window washing today to protect your building and make the tenants and owner happy.

1. Project a professional appearance 
If left alone windows will quickly develop streaks and stains. As rain falls it can carry with it minerals from the roof, nearby masonry, window framing or the water itself. Over time, the water evaporate off the glass, leaving behind just the salt and minerals. They can create anything from a small white mark to a large stain that covers multiple windows.

If your building is covered in mineral deposits and white streaks, it will look unsightly and uncared for and that’s not the type of attention you want to garner for your building. Whether a residential, commercial or mixed office building, it’s critical that you maintain a clean, professional look. Window washing can help get your building as clean as possible, regardless of mineral stains or other common issues such as dirt, sea salt, pollen or pollution.

Schedule your window cleaning today.Schedule your window cleaning today.

2. Enhance the tenant experience 
Washing your building’s exterior windows doesn’t just benefit people gazing up at the structure from the street, it also helps those who work or live inside the building. Tenants will be happiest when they can easily see out their windows. For example, you don’t want a tenant business to have to explain a large window streak to a prospective client in the boardroom. Keeping the windows clean can make the tenants happy and in turn keep the owners satisfied.

3. Maximize curb appeal and value 
Whether the owner is looking to attract new tenants or sell the building altogether, regular window cleaning can help enhance its curb appeal and may impact overall value. The cleaner a building looks, the better a first impression it can make.

4. Prevent exterior repairs 
These mineral stains that can damage the appearance of your building don’t just impact the look of it. They can actually cause real damage if left alone. Glass is porous and over time, if untreated or cleaned, minerals, salt and other particulates can get into the glass and begin degrading it. The metal frames and area surrounding windows can also be impacted.

Instead, avoid the damage altogether by simply having your windows cleaned, getting rid of these potentially dangerous substances before they get a chance to cause damage.

“Clean and Polish Building Solutions provides regular window washing services.”

5. Save yourself headaches 
Your time is valuable and frankly you probably have something better to do than worry about window cleanliness. That’s why it’s critical to schedule regular window cleanings ahead of time. Set up a time with Clean and Polish Building Solutions to figure out exactly how often you need to have the windows cleaned. Depending on weather, location and structure, how often windows need to be cleaned can vary. Just schedule your cleaning and then put it our of your mind so you don’t have to worry about any of these problems that arise when windows are left untreated.

6. Identify any issues early on
When you have professional window washers cleaning your building’s exterior, they’ll get the chance to be up close to every inch of your building. While they’re washing the glass and maintaining your structure, they’ll also get the chance to spot any other exterior issues. Whether it’s a cracking architectural surface, missing caulking or a serious pest problem, window washers often are able to notice the issue before it get severe or too expensive.

Clean and Polish Building Solutions provides regular window washing services as well as as other exterior maintenance help for a variety of buildings. Call to set up a visit today and avoid any costly problems.