Does your trash chute need to be cleaned?


Whether you manage a commercial, apartment or condominium building, there are likely dozens of aspects you’re more concerned about than the trash chute. This convenient tube makes it simple for residents or tenants to get rid of their garbage without having to lug it downstairs. And, unless something gets stuck, the chute operates on its own so you can focus your care on providing a clean, safe and beautiful building to your tenants and residents.

However, your trash chute actually plays a role in maintaining the optimal building. If you neglect your trash chute, over time your tenants will notice and will not like the results.

“Don’t forget to have the trash chute washed.”

Why you need to clean your trash chute 
Although it’s hidden from sight, your trash chute is as important to maintain as your building’s exterior and public spaces. This space can quickly develop issues that bother your tenants and actually create an unpleasant atmosphere to live or work in.

Over time, as the trash chute is used normally, some of the contents of the garbage will hit the walls of this chute and eventually coat the space with bacteria, mold and organic waste, such as old food. This commonly leads to these issues:

  • Pests – The food and unsanitary conditions can attract cockroaches, flies and other insects. These can infest the trash chute and then move their ways to people’s condos, apartments or offices. In no time, you could be looking at a full infestation. In the trash room at the bottom of the chute rats and other pests can also be a problem attracted by a dirty chute.
  • Odor – There are more than 30 types of bacteria and biological growths that occur in an uncleaned trash chute. Many of these growths and other waste that people throw down the chute can lead to repulsive odors. Your tenants and residents will not be happy with the smell of a dirty trash chute.
  • Damage – If neglected, some trash chutes can start to show serious damage. Not only will you be dealing with pests and odor, but you’ll have to replace the chute, which is expensive, or inconvenience your tenants by having them carry their trash downstairs.
  • Poor air quality – It’s not just the smell, it’s the air too. Mold and bacteria in the trash chute can negatively impact the air quality of your building.
  • Grease fires – Fires can occur in trash chutes when there’s a buildup of grease from people’s garbage.

All of these problems are avoidable by simply having your trash chute cleaned, the same way you have the lobby polished or windows washed.

Garbage attracts pests and grows bacteria. Garbage attracts pests and grows bacteria.

How it’s cleaned 
Clean and Polish Building Solutions is an expert at cleaning trash chutes as well as many other aspects of a residential or commercial building. The professionals seal the chute so that water won’t leak out on each floor then begin cleaning. They use very hot, high-pressure water along with biodegradable sanitizing and degreasing cleaners to wash and deodorize the chute.

“Dirty trash chutes attract cockroaches and flies.”

Once the chute is clean, insects will not be attracted to it any longer and the odor will stop. It will prolong the life of the chute, improve air quality and prevent other issues.

Tips for keeping it clean 
Once your trash chute is clean, it’s important to keep it back that way or you look at similar issues all over again. Here are a few tips to help keep your trash chute in optimal condition.

  • Educate tenants – The first step to keeping a chute clean is to limit how much garbage the walls actually come into contact with. Educate your tenants about why using sealed plastic bags that won’t leak is important. List some risky items, such as kitty litter, that should be double sealed. Let them know that by complying they can keep out terrible odors and cockroaches.
  • Clean the trash room – It’s not just the chute that needs attention, the trash room at the bottom needs to be clean as well. Ensure that there isn’t any spilling or pests in the trash room and it will help keep the whole building clean. If there is odor in the trash room, it can seep up through the chute to the rest of the building.
  • Think about liners – Some building managers recommend using trash chute liners to protect the chute from trash in the first place.
  • Schedule regular cleanings – No matter what you do, the trash chute will get a little dirty. it is a trash chute after all. But there’s no reason to let it get so bad that it smells or attracts pests. Instead, schedule cleanings every six months to keep your building in tip-top shape and your tenants happy.