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Save energy and money on your college campus

Colleges and universities face a unique set of circumstances when it comes to controlling energy usage. Campuses often have hundreds of buildings varying drastically in size and function, with many built decades apart from one another. Some buildings are large and house classrooms or offices, while others are designed to hold thousands of students who might stay up all night working on term papers. 

Regardless of the composition of the campus and its population, reducing the amount of energy used for heating and electricity is critical for every school. Here are a few tips for campus facility managers on how to reduce the energy students and faculty use, saving the college or university money and reducing its carbon footprint. 

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Security advantages of window film

In addition to regular window cleaning and structural maintenance, making upgrades to your building can have a significant impact on your ability to protect your building's exterior, interior and tenants from damage. One of the building upgrades that offers the best protection is window film. 

Although many building managers choose to add film to their windows in order to cut down on sunlight, which in turn makes the tenants happier and air conditioning costs lower, it also can provide a number of security benefits. Here are just a few of the ways that window film can benefit your building and its tenants. 

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The Benefits of Exterior Building Maintenance

Maintaining the exterior of a building can pay off in more way than one. With regular maintenance, thorough cleaning and strategic repairs, you can add years to the life of your building, keep tenants happy and prevent more costly damage. Explore some of the specific benefits that different forms of exterior maintenance can have on your building. 

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