Save your owner money - Caulk your building


Having your office or commercial property caulked can translate to improved comfort and – most importantly – reduced costs.

The Environmental Protection Agency, Energy Star and the Department of Energy all recommend that home and business owners have their buildings sealed and caulked because it’s a low-cost process that will help save money and energy over the structure’s lifetime. Here are a few ways that caulking can help your business save money and operate more smoothly.

Energy efficient
The No.1 reason to have your building caulked is that it can help you use energy more efficiently. As the EPA explains, any holes, cracks or leaks in a building’s walls, windows or joints can make heating or cooling the structure “very expensive.”

Over time, old or poorly applied caulk can crack and be as bad as no protection, requiring new sealing. Without proper sealant, a building’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning system could essentially work to cool or heat the outdoors in addition to the office. These cracks or air leaks force the HVAC system to work harder and use more energy to maintain the optimal indoor temperature. When you have a leak, any heat or cold air that escapes is the same as money flowing out the same crack. Caulking helps seal that air, and money, inside.

For example, in North Carolina, where the weather is more mild than most of the East Coast, the savings from caulking are still significant. The North Carolina Energy Office explained that a 20,000-square-foot structure in Raleigh would save about $2,000 in one year from caulking and weatherstripping. A 100,000-square-foot-building would see about $10,000 in savings. These savings could be increased when dealing with colder outdoor temperatures.

“When you have a leak, any heat or cold air that escapes is the same as money flowing out the same crack.”

Water leak protection 
Caulking can also help waterproof surfaces, possibly saving your business from costly water and mold damage. Just as caulking is used in plumbing, it can also help protect your building from rain, snow and condensation that may invade an old building.

Improved air quality and noise reduction 
While this may not be as direct a cost savings as energy savings tied to improved sealing of an office building, caulking is shown to be effective at limiting allergens and other air pollutants. Not only will this make a workplace more comfortable and pleasant, but it may help limit the number of times people get sick at work.

Sealing leaks, windows and joints can also help create a quieter and more productive work environment.