Go to any city or urban area across the country and you’ll likely spot countless pigeons. According to The Humane Society of the United States, pigeons are attracted to built up areas because the rooftops and window ledges make ideal spots to build a nest. And that’s not to mention the abundance of free food that they can scavenge for on the ground below. Without any real predators to keep their numbers in check, the pigeon population has been able to swell to massive numbers.

The birds are now so ubiquitous in urban areas, and we have become so accustomed to seeing them around, that it is perhaps easy to overlook the fact that they can be more than just a nuisance. They present a threat to not only the integrity of your commercial building, but also to the health of your employees. It’s important, therefore, to brush up on your knowledge of these pesky animals before seeking out an effective bird control solution for your business.

Why are pigeons a problem?
Although they may seem relatively harmless, pigeons can actually pose a threat to human health. As Care2 explained, pigeons are usually hosts to an array of harmful diseases, such as salmonella. Pigeon droppings especially carry bacteria that can lead to a host of health complaints in people. In addition to the disease they carry, the nests that pigeons build are often infested with bed bugs and bird mites.

Health concerns aside, pigeons can also spell trouble for your commercial building. Pigeon droppings are not only an eye-sore: They can actually damage the paint on walls, due to their high acidity. Furthermore, if pigeons decide to set up shop by building nests on your company’s building, pollution will likely occur in the form of nest detritus, sound and dust. Consequently, effective bird control is key.

“Pigeon droppings are not only an eye-sore: They can damage the paint on walls.”

Solutions to your pigeon predicament 
With droppings everywhere and plenty of birds in sight, it can be easy to determine whether or not your commercial building has a pigeon problem. Once you have decided to take action, there are number of effective steps that can be taken in an attempt to curtail the issue:

  • Make sure your parking lot is cleaned on a frequent basis. Pigeons are attracted to leftovers, so clearing your commercial lot of any food debris and other pollutants at least twice a day is highly recommended. Routine pressure washing is also encouraged, as it is more effective at removing dirt and pollution that has become entrenched on concrete services. Consult Clean and Polish for more information about their highly effective pressure washing systems that can be used in your commercial lot.
  • Spraying pigeons with water is an easy and humane tactic, Care2 explained, although it is generally effective if the pigeons have already established a nest on your property. The only way this tactic could work is if you spray the birds before they have a chance to settle on your premises.
  • Most people avoid pigeons, but some animal lovers simply can’t resist feeding and engaging with the birds. The Humane Society asserted that if pigeons are fed by humans, their numbers will likely swell. Send a memo to your staff that feeding pigeons is problematic and prohibited.
  • There is actually a product on the market that acts as a form of pigeon birth control, The Humane Society stated. The birth control takes the form of food that can then be fed to problematic pigeon populations to keep their numbers in check.
  • Consult Clean and Polish. By far the most effective option for your commercial building bird control needs is to consult the experts at Clean and Polish. Serving the Mid-Atlantic region, Clean and Polish will be able to establish a bird control system for your organization. Bird control strategies from Clean and Polish are environmentally friendly and humane, and typically involve measures such as setting up netting, spikes, bird wire, coils and slides to prevent the establishment of further pigeon nests on your property. Call Clean and Polish for a consultation today and our technicians can help you figure out the best strategy for your building.
Pigeons are more than just nuisance for commercial properties.Pigeons are more than just nuisance for commercial properties.

Solutions for home owners
Of course, it isn’t just your commercial property that is at risk from a pigeon infestation. Homes can also be an ideal place for pigeons to set up a nest, either on the ledges of your windows or on your roof. Before you consult an expert, however, give a couple of these natural solutions a try:

  • Boldsky argued that scattering chili powder around your property is an effective way to get rid of the birds.
  • Use CDs! Yes, this may seem strange, but it can work. Create a line of CDs on your balcony or roof, Boldsky stated. Seeing their own reflection will likely scare the birds away.
  • Cats and dogs can chase and scare birds away, so if you haven’t already, consider adopting a cute canine or furry feline!